linn och milo

Me and Milo are living our life purpose and path since many years, we create Projects to inspire the own leadership. I am that I Am, is a project where we work with Children and Youth.

We are aslo coaching those who wish to let go of fear towards dogs, those who wish to be inspired to become empowered to recognise themselves and how beautiful we are meant to be here on Earth meeting with balance and harmony.

Where the foundation is mutual respect and understanding.

My intention is to inspire you to truly love yourself and trust that you are worthy to live a great life with peace and balance. The worthiness of living, the greatest gift we are given is our Life.

Milo`s intention is to inspire you to trust yourself more, and to allow yourself and the earthling you live with to have a better understanding of yourself and each other.

Welcome to our reality.

Our Facebook page is: Linn & Milo


Testimonial Distance Healing, Ruru, Texas, U.S.:

My experience first of all words won`t this half the justice, so bare with me. I always knew I was special and had energy work earlier by one of Dolores Cannons students. Lately I have felt that something was just off with me. I happened to come across Ms. Linn`s post on IG about removing a chip/device in a lady.

Next thing I knew that I should text her, divine timing and she explained what she does. Turns out that I had 7 chips, at first I didn`t feel anything but all of the sudden my neck jerked sideways and I felt this rush of energy like I`ve never felt before..

After she sent a mail, and I teared up up reading this. It had all this info directly from source. She helped reconcile some issues from past lives, the one causing most demise was the one in the neck, as I type this it has been two days since. Never felt like this, I feel very clear and clean.

At work today I reduced the front size on the computer with 10%, turns off that my eye sight got that much better.I am overwhelmed with joy. I am planning on doing a spiritual cleanse now and then with Ms.Linn.

Testimonial, remote Healing.

Testimonial: Harriet Fagerholm, Helsinki, Finland

I had arrived at a point where I thought my marriage will be ending, when Linn offered us a healing session together. My husband was suddenly open to participate (Linn has a power to get people to open up) and it was a true miracle happening, the energies opened up to a new level and there is hope again. Looking into how your inner child is trapped through conditioning from early childhood can help you release the blocks preventing you from having a satisfying relationship. I continued working with her personally and could get instant help in seeing how my deepest underlying patterns from early childhood and the energy blocks in the form of fears of living my life fully were holding me back. When energy is released you are free. Linn has a true gift in liberating your soul from blocks and traumas.