The 18th of January in 2011, 2.30AM, I was activated by a messenger dressed like a pope in white and gold, sent by God to give me my souls purpose in this life. I was given messages about who I am, what I have done earlier in other life times, tasks for me at this time. They continued to wake me up the same time for three weeks, where all the knowledge and wisdom from the universes was downloaded.

I was far from my heart,  little connection with my gifts and lived with much unbalance, created by all the hardships I had experienced in life. At that time I was a Sail and Branding Manager earning a lot of money, I decided to jump and quit my work to follow my purpose serving the light, God ( even though I did not believe in the religion programming).

Because of my wounds and unbalance, my patterns and boundaries took me to the edge, where I burned down and died in June 2013, after I had balanced on a thin treat, given away the money and energy I needed to take care of my life, and trusting people that had the intention to use me.

I asked God to take my away from this reality since I felt quilt and shame for not being able to live my purpose, instead I was surrounded with angels that embraced me and helped me to find purpose to live again, nature gave me hope that life is possible even though everything is erased, by small messengers sent to sheer me up.

Since then my ego program is dead, and I was in full contact with my heart and soul, connected with source. I have and still work to remove and polish everything that was built up in my patterns and boundaries built by my wounds in my human and soul.

I did my shadow work in Turkey 2015, then I was ready to travel around to meet those that is ready to be helped.  I was called by source to come to Portugal in September 2016, when I had a healing workshop in Oslo, Norway.

So many stories to be told.

Now I Am making the closure of the circle, and I am back in Sweden, the book with the Titel: The right to my body is mine. Written by me, will soon be ready to be published my journey of the Divine processes that started in January 2019.