Healing & Activation workshop.

Welcome to meet more of your hidden gifts and light.

It is indeed so much more to life than we believe,
maybe you feel that you are ready to meet more of your truth and connect with your soul and helpers?

You have everything within, my work together with my Light Masters is to help you to connect, with keys we open up from within, so you can remember and reawaken to your truth and purpose.

Me and my healer team hold the space in high frequency, where we work to release anything that holds you away from living more fully with your souls purpose and gifts.

Date:15-16th of September 2018.
We start: Saturday- Sunday 11-17.00.

Register: linn.healer@gmail.com

Through Paypal.

Energy Exchange: Including, Lunch,coffee break with fruits.

Attend workshop 160 Euro.
Place: Monte Clerigo, Aljezur, Portugal.

Saturday: A day of healing and letting go of everything that holds you back by bringing in awareness of limitations and fears, in high frequencies your wounds will heal, letting go fears that holds you away from embracing your soul and gifts. Start working with the tools to open up your gifts.

Sunday: More practising, all in the highest frequencies with the helpers that is here to work with you at this time.

Welcome to evolve and connect with your Light.