Healthy Co-existing, Coaching

The Art of living with healthy inner and outer boundaries with trust is just amazing.

When you choose to meet me and Milo in a Coaching or to join when we have our courses ,where the intention always is the relationship based on trust and respect, and we inspire with how it is to understand the communication of your four legged friend. You get the opportunity to have a godo relationship with much happiness and joy.

To meet us in a coaching the investment energy is 99 Euro plus vat. There will be given space for your four legged friend to talk with you ,and give you the messages that is wished to be given for a easier with the normal life, where nurturing often is a topic.

Our weekend courses starts on Fridays and ends on Sunday Afternoon, sometimes we take the trips with own tents, othertimes we meet on certain place, with scheduled schema. Take contact to see the next opportunity. Or FB: Linn & Milo.

Investment energy for a weekend is 270 Euro plus vat.