Become the Master of Your Life.

The Art of living with healthy inner and outer boundaries.

To live with Self Love and see the worthiness of having a great life and allowing yourself to become the best gift You have in your Life.

That is the intention for two days of inspiration where we with different tools and practises will meet the truth of what is your truth of Now, and allowing yourself to accept yourself, to release what IS no longer serving. So the Life you wish to live can be manifested.

I am aware of the power of our choices and by healing myself I have learned it is by understanding the energies that was holding me from living with balance and trust was created from my birth until this time of self realisation.

To understand the beauty and truth in healthy nurturing and serving is beautiful and profound, with respect and responsibility it is far more easier to co-exist with others and have relationships that is nurturing with healthy love.

Interested and wish to know when next opportunity is, take contact.

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Aljezur, Portugal.