Standing in a Cross road?

Do you feel there is something more to life?
Are you searching to find yourself and more of your truth?

I know how it is, I was there before, searching feeling that it was something missing, in the physical reality I had a top work, much money and did many travels. And still I asked myself, is this all?

Then the magical doors opened, and my spiritual path and purpose started.

I Am a Spiritual Healer and Shaman. The divine can be shared and meet with heart, meeting nature and all beings that is Co-existing wit us. Our journeys invite the magic of Now, to meet us all to enchant the beauty of the truth living here on Earth.

The intention for the Shaman & Spiritual walk, retreat  is to find the pieces that is you, and meet what you feel is missing in Your life.

I share my wisdom of  becoming aware of what is energy?

Walking on sacred places, connecting with Mother Nature and all the beings that is alive, meeting spirit.

We will meet how it is to co-create life with each other and how to love ourselves in daily life, cooking healthy food, learning to listen to our body and meet with our souls in mediations and spiritual walks with the nature spirits, the shamans drum and all living beings that wish to meet us, to serve and share the magic of living in the moment of Now.

With the choice of sleeping we use the four wheels of our mobile facilities such as mobile home or vans, car with tents to take us around to the different places. Many great rental companies here for good solutions of living in a mobile home.

No cell phones, no watches no must – just YOU.

Investment energy for my wisdom and gifts is 110 per day and person then the accommodation and  meals are added, it will be meals and healthy nurturing for Body, Heart and Soul,

Reservation: Contact:

You will recipe with my Nif numbers, pre payment of the half amount by Western Union, My name Lin Beathe Bekkevik. together with a mail, with all information.

Welcome to the beautiful nature in Paradise Earth.

Welcome to embrace your unique being,
with love Linn