Spiritual, Remote & Physical healings.

Live healing sessions in Algarve, Portugal. We meet in a session for 60 or 90 min, to serve the healing that is benefitting your life. With messages and guidance from the divine and my own wisdom, a new life can be meet to serve more happiness, wellbeing and self love.

All sessions are unique since we all have our own truth of the moment of Now.

Investment exchange. 60 min-70 Euro, 90 min-90 Euro.

Remote healing where we connect with your higher self and soul, which show me where you have your blockages, created by traumas or hardships in this or previous life time.

The intention with our meeting will be what serves you to heal and become aware of to live more with balance and peace within.

You will feel lighter, more balanced and in a mail I will share all the messages I received for your highest good at this time, with some work for you to be aware of, which you now need to do in your daily life.

Remote session with messages is 90 Euro.

Physical sickness and Energy shift of health with pure divine love create a place for miracles and a new life with health.In a Physical healing remote sessions I have healed Cancer, back sickness bone fractures, eye sickness..You can only heal fully if You are ready to live a life in health.

One remote session is 220 Euro, sometimes it can take more than one meeting to fully heal.

Welcome to embrace a life with emotional, energetically and physical health.