Spiritual Healing with channeled messages

When I meet you in a remote healing with my Light team, I connect with your higher self and soul, which show me where you have your blockages, created by traumas or hardships in this or previous life time.

We transform the lower frequencies so your light body can come down, and allow your souls energy to be within you, we also activate your energy systems, chakras so the energy can flow freely within you, which help you to be more connected with yourself and inner guidance.

I will be given the messages about why and how the blockages was created and how they affected and created your life. What patterns and blockages it created within you, towards yourself and others.

You will feel lighter, more balanced and in a mail I will share all the messages I received for your highest good at this time, with some work for you to be aware of, which you now need to do in your daily life.

It may be that your body will act like you have made a detox, since all cells and DNA is activated and worked with in a much higher frequency, all to help you be more in tuned with yourself. It will help you to see and feel the connection between you, your body and soul. Mirror how your physical pain, sickness is created by the unbalanced energy within.

Remote session with messages is 100 Euro.

Remote session with messages and a new program which is channeled down for you to now letting go of old patterns and behaviours, disconnect from Matrix, fear and worries. 160 Euro.

Skype session where we heal and bring in awareness of the present situation,

80 Euro/hour usually takes 90 min.

Twin session on skype where we clean away any obstacles and blockages which keep you apart from union. Messages which is important for you to become aware of, 80 Euro per hour, usually takes 90-120 min.