Spiritual, Remote & Physical healings.

Live healing session, where we meet physically in a scheduled session for 60 min, where the intention is clear to serve the healthy healing that is benefitting your life. With messages and guidance from the divine and my own wisdom, there is possibilities for you to live with more happiness, health, wellbeing and self love.

All sessions are unique since we all have our own truth of the moment of Now.

Investment exchange. 100 Euro plus vat.

Remote healing where we connect,  where  I am guided to remove and heal what is the intention for our heal session to be worked with.

Remote session with messages is 100 Euro plus vat.

Physical sickness and Energy shift of health, create a space for miracles and a new life with health.

In Physical Energy healing remote sessions, I have healed Cancer, back sickness bone fractures, eye sickness..You can only heal fully if You are ready to live a life in health. Which is always the case, no matter if you choose alternative or traditionell medicine.

The benefit in investment for a Energy operation is that you do not need to eat medicine, the healing time after the operation to get back to your strength and vitality is much shorter. And you do not have to move anywhere, since we meet when we set the date and time. Where you will be given the healing in the place that serves you.

One remote session is 660 Euro plus vat. Sometimes it can take more than one meeting to fully heal with the same intention, the second and third meeting is then 440 Euro plus vat. each.

I will be given the needs of how many sessions after our meeting and Your free will to heal and become healthy.

We have a policy where we, Me and Milo have no acceptens for any airborne sicknesses.IMG_0526 (1)

Welcome to invest in a life with emotional, energetically and physical health.